Finally! What It Is I Do At Work...

It's been such a long time, but finally I can show you what it is I do for work, at Westland Giftware.

Every day is a new project, anything from painting the sides of wolves, to creating new snowglobes for the Wizard of Oz line. It's always really cool to see your work carved in 3-dimensions and made into a beautiful figurine, box, candle holder, etc.

I have so much to show you, but I'm going to stretch it out for awhile, since it will be a long while yet until I can show you more. So here are two items I designed for the June 2009 release.
Line Name: "TUSK"
Product Name: "Flowers" (original, right!?)
This elephant "costume" was inspired by some amazing African headdresses and face painting I found while researching. TUSK is what we call a "parade" line, which means there are a couple basic forms (African and Indian elephants in this case) that are "dressed" and decorated in various ways. For the elephants, they all link trunk-to-tail, and there are miniature sized one as well.
Line Name: "Call of the Wolf"
Product Name: "Dreamcatcher"
This is another "parade" line, with designs all across the board from Southwestern, to Native American, to more general wolf-related designs.


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