big caricature commission

Another banking operation contacted me for a big caricature commission. Coincidentally, has successfully designed logos for their products on two separate occasions years ago. They stumbled upon my blog when looking for a caricaturist and immediately recognised me from my previous life. I explained that my design practice is in good hands now, so I have more freedom to pursue my artistic passion.We used movie themes to tie-up the entire presentation of eighty eight caricatures of key personnel in various departments. The selected movie themes represented the department’s role or personality. Timing was very tight, thankfully I am married to an Ye Ruoshi who turned colourist for a week. Studio work is not the same as event work, it generally takes more time drawing from photograph than drawing someone in person on the spot.

The completed caricatures were scanned and presented as a slide show at their annual dinner and dance. The original artworks are compiled and elegantly bounded into a book and presented to their beloved chairman as a retirement gift.


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